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Our Mission

Waco Youth is our Why.

The Waco Rowing Center strives to provide a haven for Waco youth through the sport of rowing. With our sights set high, we anticipate sending ___ kids to college on scholarship for rowing. We provide all the training and support needed to make the leap into collegiate rowing,  including world-class coaches, facilities and equipment, academic and social-emotional support. Ample college scholarship opportunities exist already, and our goal is to fill those collegiate rosters with Waco rowers.

Row in College

More collegiate scholarships exist than there are youth rowers to receive them. Build your educational career and find a path to college through our rowing program. Our regattas and other events garner the attention of rowing programs across the nation – the opportunity to be scouted is waiting for you!

Join the Team!

We want you! Our program is free to students seeking to be involved with our team. We provide equipment and coaching, as well as a tight knit community to grow with. Learn the sport of rowing and get out on the Brazos! Contact us below to be part of the team.