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What’s the next big thing in rowing? Waco.

The Waco Rowing Center is proud to announce its inaugural Waco Rowing Regatta, a 5k Head Race on the Brazos River, Sunday November 6th, 2022. Hosted along the banks of the rolling grass of Brazos Park East, with a rowing course traveling from the historic bridges of downtown Waco to the picturesque bluffs of Cameron Park, this regatta is set to be the next great Fall rowing race. Your participation in this regatta is important beyond being a point of pride for the Texas Rowing community.

Your participation and patronage will support The Waco Rowing Center’s efforts to expand youth rowing within Waco and beyond. Proceeds from this regatta will go toward continued support of the growing youth rowing community in Waco. Click the “News” tab under the “Information” section on this page to learn more about youth rowing in Waco. We look forward to having your team with us in November and we appreciate your support.


– Luke Walton,
WRR Race Director

W ith stunning bluffs across the river, Brazos Park East has the potential to be one of the most scenic and iconic regatta sites in the country. With ample acreage, parking, water, electricity and facilities on site, the ability to host a groundbreaking on shore experience for spectators and athletes alike during the regatta is unprecedented. It is also located at an ideal location along the river for teams coming to train from across the country. At the convergence of the Bosque and Brazos rivers, visiting teams can head toward downtown or head for 3.5 miles up the Bosque.

T here are over 17 miles of rowing water on the Brazos and Bosque rivers. This much rowing water next to a metropolis does not exist elsewhere in the United States. Tree line, high bluffs, consistent depth and steep banks protect the river against the wind.

Sir Steven Redgrave brought the Chinese National team here to train. American high-performance athletes are already here. The value of the water is already seen by the highest levels of the sport. With water that never freezes, a low flow rate, and infinite ”real estate,” an annual regatta is the start.


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What to know about Waco
  • Waco has seen historic growth across all sectors in the last seven years.
  • 44.3% increase in Waco’s total economy over the last 5 years.
  • Between 2013 and 2018, 368% increase in tourism growth.
  • In 2019, $170 million of direct earnings in the Waco MSA.